Flowers in a Silver Vase
Flowers in a Silver Vase
Flowers on a Table
Flowers on a Table  
Card Party
Card Party
Bridge Club
Bridge Club
Silver Song
Silver Song
Blue Bayou
Blue Bayou
Breaking Waves
Breaking Waves
Gold Spin
Gold Spin
Dreaming of the Sea
Dreaming of the Sea

Gold Showers

Dipped in Dreams

Gold Seas

Blue Solloquy

Full Moon Over Canyon Ridge

After Hours

Fiesta Macarena

Blue on Blue

Blue Irid Vase

Spring Bouquet

Kinetic Footprints

Flowers in a Blue Vase

Island Girl

Harvest Kachina

Spring Holiday


Early Spring

Vast Landscape

Winter's Little Dance

Moody Seas

Sunset Mist

A Morning Sky

Blue Ridge

Sea and Clouds

Fall Sunset

Along a Mountain Path

Autumn Landscape

Autumn Riddle

Winds on the Plain



Big Blue

Blue Man

Mist in the Mountain


Center Stage

Changing Seasons

Cold Clear Water

Mountain of Passage

Edge of Hawk Spirit Valley

Fall Colors

Feel the Love

Flowers on the Table

Mountain Sunset

Giraffe Rock


Hawk Ridge

Land of Grizzlies and Clouds


Leaf Covered Path

Little Blue

Mask of the Monkey

Memories of Elvis

Oranges and Limes

Over the Ridge

Paris Bouquet

Plain of the Tiger



Quail and Pheasant

Red Earth

Seeing Stars

Segundo the Great


Sitting Pretty

Snow Over Black Mesa

Spear Thrower

Storm Moving In

Summer Flowers

Summer on the River

Summer Sunset

Summerville Express

Sunset of the Dancing Porcupine

The Amazing Race

The Hunter

The Tuilleries

Two Alarm Fred

Waiting for the Sun

Walk the Red Land

Walking on the Fall

Wheels on the Prairie

Whisper of Fall

A Fine Day

Sunset Sea

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